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Creating ephemeral preview apps with Argo CD

February 20, 2023

It’s pretty wild that Heroku introduced review apps in 2015, and yet it’s still not a standard feature of CI/CD systems! Put simply, the idea is that every time your team opens a pull request, an instance of the app is provisioned which reflects the changes made in the PR. When the PR is closed, the app is destroyed. We use Argo CD; it has good support for this pattern but it’s not particularly…
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AI Safety Needs Great Product Builders

September 02, 2022

In his AI Safety Needs Great Engineers post, Andy Jones explains how software engineers can reduce the risks of unfriendly artificial intelligence. Even without deep ML knowledge, these developers can work effectively on the challenges involved in building and understanding large language models. I would broaden the claim: AI safety doesn’t need only great engineers – it needs great product…
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Joining Ought

January 15, 2022

In mid-December, I left Spring, and about a month later I joined Ought as their head of engineering. It was a momentous change to a leave a job, a company, and my team after so long, but there are so many aspects to Ought that I’m incredibly excited for that in the end it was a move I had to make. Here are some of the reasons it was not only easy but essential for me to join Ought. If any of these…
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How to quit like a boss

December 12, 2021

On December 15th, 2021, I will leave Spring – the company I have been with for almost seven years. Along the way, I’ve seen quite a few people quit, fired a few people, and made some pretty big mis-steps when planning my own departure. The goal of this post is to summarise some patterns and anti-patterns, so that in the future you or I can leave our roles in the most professional and positive way…
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Does more automation mean less control?

July 02, 2021

In a recent post on LessWrong, Andrew Critch imagines scenarios in which networks of seemingly well-behaved AI systems nonetheless results in humanity’s demise. In it, he mentions: … [both stories] follow a progression from less automation to more, and correspondingly from more human control to less … The comment is only made in passing, but it seems (a) interesting and (b) important: is this…
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Synaesthetic music visualisation with CycleGANs

February 04, 2021

About a decade ago, a friend and I were talking over dinner about our shared passion for electronic music. Our burning question was: how can we convince the world to love techno as much as we do? A common—and not always unfair—criticism is that electronic music can be repetitive, lacking an overall arc, or overly simplistic: especially when compared to something like a classical concerto. However…
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