Are dotfiles meant to be forked?

tl;dr I don’t think so, and created Full Stop as a way for us to share dotfile tooling while staying agnostic about the content. In “Dotfiles Are Meant to Be Forked”, Zach Holman points out that we all benefit through sharing the efficiency-boosting tips, tricks, and tools many of us have in our dotfiles, and I completely agree. However, I think it’s important to draw a distinction between the tooling around dotfiles, and the content of the dotfiles themselves. Read On →

Prototype: Virtual Reality e-commerce

A quick and dirty proof of concept for a virtual reality Teespring campaign page, created as a potential hackathon project

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Why exploding job offers don't work for senior hires

The tl;dr At the moment – and for the foreseeable future – the power balance of hiring negotiations favours the engineering candidates rather than with the hiring company. One consequence of this is that any attempt to hurry, strong-arm, or manipulate candidates will likely be ineffective, and could potentially backfire horribly. This is how I became one such backfire. The offer I had been lucky enough to receive an offer to join Widget Co. Read On →

Google Bollocks

Their "seminal" new product.

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The worst project I ever worked on

Taking "Not Invented Here" to a whole new level.

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Home-made present: how to make a punch box

A punch box is an easy DIY project that's perfect for gifting.

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