We’ve recently started using You Need A Budget (YNAB) to plan our finances. Unfortunately, like most finance apps it’s focussed squarely on the north american market: its automatic transaction importing only works for some US and Canadian banks – and we live and bank in Spain…

YNAB does support a manual process, where you upload QFX or OFX files – or CSVs (in their required format). However, our bank (Sabadell) supports neither QFX nor OFX, and their CSV format is markedly different from that which YNAB expects in the upload. We were stuck with the prospect of importing every single transaction by hand, or manually downloading a CSV from Sabadell and munging it into a shape that YNAB can understand.

Surely we can do better?

So became ynabadell – a tool to automatically import transactions from Sabadell into your YNAB ledger.

James Brady

I’m a software engineer by trade and an woodworker for fun. I like hard problems and learning new things with which solve them. I’m learning to speak Catalan. I like hiking in, up, and around vertiginous scenery. I play the trumpet poorly. That is all.

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