Experiments and curiosity scratchers

The previous owner had ceased to maintain this project, but we wanted to continue using it as a way to intelligently load-balance query volume over our read replicas. In addition, it was unfortunately named activerecord_query_slave – following the naming scheme of MySQL for the read-only replicas.

Cal Antonia was the village bar, theatre, and social hub of the village we live in: Oristà. We bought the building in 2017 and have worked to restore, modernise, and re-invent it to become an artists' residency and a home for us.

We open-sourced ICE in September '22. It's a tool to help us and others better understand Factored Cognition, consisting of a software framework and an interactive visualiser. If you're interested you should also check out our Primer which explains the theory behind it.

I like to be able to develop on several different machines (my laptops, ephemeral EC2 instances, ...) and having a consistent environment is a huge productivity boost. I found the conventional approach of managing dotfiles to be lacking – this project is a lightweight framework which separates the content of your environment setup from the mechanism of application.