James Brady

Hello, I'm James!

I lead the technology teams at Spring, where I focus on software engineering, strategy, infrastructure, AI, hiring, organisation-building, IT, technical architecture, and many other things which seem interesting or useful when building a technology company.

Before Spring, I worked with Square to build and launch their payroll product, and before that started and run a couple of startups in the developer tooling space.

Outside of tech

I’m a hobbyist woodworker, I’m learning to speak Catalan, I like hiking up hills and mountain biking down them. I play the trumpet poorly, and I’m getting worse every day. I enjoy hard problems and learning new things with which to solve them.

My current interests include:

I live in Oristà, a micro-village in rural Catalunya. My wife, Odette, is an author and creativity coach. Together, we operate an artist’s retreat called Cel del Nord.

Contacting me

I would love to hear from you if:

  • You liked something I’ve posted on this blog
  • You didn’t like something I’ve posted on this blog
  • You’re working on something I seem to be interested in
  • You’d like to work together

I’m not looking for career opportunities, so please don’t contact me if you’re a recruiter. Thanks!