I was recently asked:

what’s the worst project you ever worked on?

After a quick scan through my mental graveyard of half-finished, half-assed ideas too embarrassing for me to dignify with a link here, I settled upon my first job out of university.

I was always told to prize gifts that people had put time and effort into. Hoping my SO shared the same view, I decided to make her a little something for her birthday.

Being creatively barren, I attempted plagiarism. I remembered seeing this Kickstarter project ages ago. It’s based on an old parlour game: the idea is to conceal little messages inside a nice-looking block, to be popped out with a pencil when the recipient feels like it.

James Brady

I’m a professional software engineer and an amateur woodworker. I like Ruby, Elixir, hard problems and learning new things with which solve them. I am fascinated by frisbees to the point of it getting a bit weird. I’m learning to speak Catalan. I am mostly vegetarian. That is all.

Oristà: a teeny tiny village in Catalunya